Advantages of ecological investment


10 Advantages of ecological investment: Why green funds?

Ecological2Long time, green funds and financial products among the more exotic investment models. Today, however, is the environmental investment more and more importance and the investor can choose from a variety of products, because now there are countless products in this area. Ten advantages of ecological investment why you should opt for it, read here.

This ranges from simple to complex environmental account composite green biotech fund. Almost every bank, savings bank or insurance offers optional accessories for now at least the environmental investment.

10 Advantages of ecological investment:

  • The good conscience: Environmental investment is good for the soul. No matter how high end the profitability fails – was detrimental to the environment has not been one with the money in most cases once.
  • A growing industry: Who wants to equip themselves in their financial portfolio with future-oriented industries is coming to the ecology sector no longer around. Renewable resources and renewable energies are in the growth sectors of the economy have now become.
  • The power to make a difference: Not everyone is designed to handle a boat in the whalers to impede on his journey. By opting for an environmental investment can be a convenient way, a claim more influence.
  • Indirect investment: Not only environmental financial products can be an investment – including energy saving measures such as investing in additional insulation of a building facade or the purchase of a fuel-efficient vehicle are ultimately systems of financial resources into products that help save money in the future of the.
  • Politicians point the way: Various studies have shown that the phase-out of nuclear energy and fossil fuels is feasible. At what pace this is going CARRIED however, especially in the industrial sector a matter of policy. The more private investors to invest their money in environmental investments, the more politicians come under pressure to exercise their steering role over the industry.
  • Healthy living: The burning of fossil fuels releases harmful particulate matter. In the environment of plants in the nuclear industry always fall back on increased rates of certain cancers. Those who invest in environmental financial products does something for his health and that of his children.
  • Positive reinforcement effects: Above all, the stock markets are highly dependent on psychological mass movements. The more investors to believe a particular product to purchase more of this and the more sought-after is a product, the higher its value increases. With few financial products, the benefit is as obvious as in organic products. Therefore, it is worthwhile to speculate that many investors will share their own assessment.
  • Self-fulfilling prophecy: Not only the opinion of the individual counts – and the media are reporting increasingly on environmental financial products and the tenor is generally positive. This increases the chances that more and more consumers are opting for such investment and thus the fuel industry growth.
  • Global Markets: Each country has to fight its own environmental problems and environmental risks. Completely independent of which of the forecasts now – whether global warming occurs or the planet is headed for a new ice age – environmental problems will be up to date, since they affect many factors of human life anywhere in the world in a different way ways.
  • Community support: Ecological investments never come to only a single good – they always serve the community. Thus, rather self-serving objectives, such as securing their own retirement or financing of a home with environmental financial products can still be a service to society.

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