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Successful selling on eBay: Tips for online marketing!

eBay 2Do not use unnecessary filler words, the buyer will rarely pay attention to how “sweet”, “magical” or “cool” is an article, but the headline is a brief description similar to a newspaper advertise. The more info you get in there, the better. Size, type, brand and color – the more detail the better. Only the price you should not write in sees the customer after all, too.

Keywords note

There are certain words that are used regularly in fashion trends or technical articles. Make sure that you are using, but you also ensure that you do not use keywords that apply not find your item. Learn the Net, for example, what really are ankle boots and check your shoes just so if they match the type. They use these words in the title, you will find more buyers.

Number of images

In the meantime, you can upload multiple images for free. Articles without image are hardly clicked yet – no one likes buying a pig in a bag – items with multiple images (some close-ups of clothing labels, details, etc.) have more chances for it.

Picture selection and photo tips

  • If one takes the picture, you should create an attractive environment. Keep a nice background like an old wooden cabinet or a clean blanket. Wood chip wallpaper can often appear pale colors.
  • Make yourself the trouble, the article with a good camera to take on.
  • Pretty details and photos of defects serve to strengthen the confidence of customers.
  • They equip the product with accessories, as soon as you enter text in the description that these are not included in this article, they create a certain atmosphere and make the product more attractive
  • Avoid clothing with self-portraits in the mirror. If your camera has no self-timer, then it goes perfectly well, if you photograph the garment so, without that you put in it (this applies generally, if all is well draped, one must not get stuck in the clothes).
  • Make sure that you can see at least one picture of the item at full size, because tens of detail shots to quickly suspects that something is wrong with the article is in order.
  • Copy brand clothing at no images from the net, ebay is very strict and warns off quickly when you say H & M pictures copied items from H & M side, because you thereby infringing copyright.


If customers have any questions – even after receipt of the article – you answer fast and friendly, especially with articles should have any questions, you respond quickly and the info at best, then immediately incorporated into the item description. Do not push that you finally get to write and stay open well with critics, because many customer awards the ebay trader with little delays like, but pulls out the red minus, if his requests remain unanswered.

 Listing Duration

Replace the offer period still to something shorter, most buyers are switched on in the short term, many who find a product that you want to buy they put him first on the watch list until the end of an auction is offered, there’s no tomorrow. The longer the end of the auction, then down, the more they forget the item is available again. 3-5 days is all you, need to make the article after the auction ends just in again.

 Important Information & Disclaimer

If you plan to put more items a, write a standard text for the legal and general information (small seller, not a right of exchange, Non smoking household or not, etc.) so that you can copy them easily get into the item description. They secure an unpleasant from customers who insist on their right to return or complain about articles.


Depending on the nature of the article, you should write the text. Technology Article act if they are kept purely informational, who buys art can gladly do without the personal address, but appreciates it when all the necessary information to the article there, including a list of accessories. Also, age and any guarantee of the article should be mentioned. Clothes, books, etc. can also be garnished with happy personal lyrics. Make sure, however, that here also wins the detailed info. Never forget the dress size. The more information the better, that beats any offbeat cover of the text.

  • Leave phrases such as “info to follow”, but look for the appropriate information to an article published immediately. Customers rarely ask for or look specifically later in; you always assume that you have only one chance to make the product appear as attractive as possible.

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